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There's only one door.

It's time to place door and kick door, and that's all I do.

Made by Something We Made + sick beats by Anes

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Elias Albrecht
Lucas Gullbo
Niklas Mikkelsen


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slight bug of if you kick the people they go flying off the map through the walls into oblivion


It's terrible, but that's what makes it fun. There are some bugs though (plus feedback):

  • Sometimes the doorframe remains in the wall after you've removed the door. It then disappears when you place the door again. It almost seems like you guys added some check to make sure that there was only one doorframe in the world.
  • You can place a door going to nothing and fall of the map. Then the game reset, because ofcourse you guys if the player has fallen below the world.
  • Often enemies (guards and turrets) don't 'go to sleep' when they are hit by the door.
  • At the beginning it's confusing that you have a big red x in the middle of the room, but the player needs to place the door on the wall to progress.

PLEASE make a full game.


And with more things to use your dark force magic on and kick around.




how many roles does that one door fulfill?

shield, projectile, 

more importantly, it is also a real door

it fulfills all of our expectations that a door can do

(oh wait... can you surf on the door?)


I've placed 1st door and fall out a game place. 10/10


you can kill a guy by kicking a door at him, 10/10


There's no killing, they are sleeping. It's tiresome to get by a door you know!


My conscience is clean now. Thank you.