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Supports up to 4 players/bots

Knockbots is an intense and action packed arena game which focuses on multitasking and awareness. Our intention is to create a game which you can just turn on and enjoy. Fast in, fast out!

You will control one of four bots in small but hectic environments. The goal is to knock out the other players with your bot’s flying glove!

The game is being developed by @Noxlof and @NikMikk 

Music by Pontus Andersen

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsNikMikk, Noxlof
Tagsarena, Beat 'em up, Fast-Paced, Local multiplayer
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksTwitter, Twitter


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I loved playing this game for one of my Mini Lets plays.  Boxing plus Robots, Thats a Win in my Book.

game(ai) difficulty:Devil


to bad this game was canceled


Really fun but difficult at the same time. But, other than that it was fun.

Fun to see the prototype is still being played haha!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks the suggestions are great, will try it out and see if it works! We definitely need to add score limit and such, right now we are focusing on bugs like the controller and a black screen situation.  Are you in our discord channel, would be fun to have you onboard with suggestions + features :P

Watched the video, dont understand much but both are smiling and screaming so that's good! :D


Just my little 10 minute punching spree!!!


Great game :)

The mechanics aren't very clear at first but you get the sense of it after some plays. In particular, I like how the dash is not always available, it makes you think about when you really need it. Still not quite sure what happens when I strike another glove.

For now I still get beaten by the bots - but they don't seem unbeatable. I will try multiplayer if I can.

I can see where improvements can be made, but it is already great work. Also I really like the Dreamcast flair.

The only annoying bugs for me (in this tested version) are the lack of full 360 gamepad support (works without any problem in game but no support in menu) and the random blank screen (seems to occur after ~10 plays).

Keep up the great work, cheers ; ) 

Happy hear that you're enjoying our game. The mechanics takes some time to get use to, and that's the point! :)

You mention improvments, mind telling us what more specifically? :)


Oh I was mainly referring to the aforementioned "bugs" :)  I don't see many improvements in the game itself, as it feels already polished. Maybe sometimes it can be hard to read the action, like when you hit a robot really close, and then it's not obvious who died, but I guess it's part of the fun ;)

Alright :)


Cant get work done, cant stop playing

<3 !


I absolutely love games like this!
Very easy but fun concept and lots of fun when playing with friends!

I'd love to see what the campaign will bring, I'll definetly give it a try once it's out!
Maybe you could add different parts for the robots you can win.
A little bit like Metabots or LBX sort of games.

I also made a video playing your game, feel free to use it for any sort of publicity, I would be honoured if I can help convince others to play the game!

The only thing I would change, as stated in many comments, is add keyboard support. But I read you'll add it, so no further remarks on my part!

My video:

Thanks for the kind words, we really enjoyed the video!

We had some ideas of adding different parts just like you're saying, so players can add their own flavor to the bots :)


How do I use the keyboard?

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You can't, the game is designed for gamepads in my mind! We could dig into it if the interest arises more :)


I second it

Working on it now! 


Yeah, we should be able to play with keyboard. Please implent this!

Alright, we're adding keyboard support! 

Umm I tried with both Keyboard and Ps3 Controller, but it doesn't seem to work? All I can do is move up and down with my ps3 move thingy, but when I press X or start it doesn't enter or do anything??/

(1 edit)

Are you using any drivers/programs to make it works?

Yep, it works in any other game

You can't use the keyboard, more than moving up/down in the menu. 

I did some tests with a ps4 controller with nothing breaking, must be the ps3 then... I'll report back later this week on this issue :)


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I'm now sitting with a ps3 controller, can't get it to work at all. 

If you join Knockbots's discord channel we could work this out. (Post in the bugs section so we know who you are) ^^

It doesn't work with my ps4 controller, and the only buttons I have found on the keyboard that do anything is r which resets, and the arrow keys. That means I can't even go into settings and fix it, but it looks so fun and I wanna play it :(

That ain't good! I only own a Xbox controller, will look into this asap and report back :)

Try downloading it again, I changed the system so it should support almost all gamepads now.


hi imma play this thank u

Hit us back with your thoughts <3

It crashed on boot. Wasn't able to run it

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i have an xbox one controller and it wont work also make it where you can enter the game with key board plz

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  • Strange that Xbox One wont work, will check asap!
  • Keyboard support comes in the next update, very very soon!